19 Years of Unmatched Impact for Military Spouse Job Placement and Career Progression.

Rear Admiral (ret) Dan Kloeppel, USN, Founder and President, VetJobs (aka CASY): "Since 2010, VetJobs has been the preeminent and most historically successful metrics-driven Veterans training and job placement program in the nation. We have just gone over the 77,000 job placement mark. That is the best in the Veteran space. Our Train2Hire Learning Management Systems are industry specific to align our candidates with a career in the field that they have chosen. We are adept at helping employers understand the advantages of military experience and providing them with well qualified candidates by narrowing the skills gap that those employers have experienced."

Our 1-on-1 relationship with thousands of recruiters IS our success story.

FEDERAL TAX ID:  20-2071552
VetJobs is the sister company to Military Spouse Jobs. VetJobs serves Military Members, Veterans, Guard and Reserves.
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Military Spouses come to us to learn how to maintain their lifetime earning power, as we help them grow into their professional life, while navigating their military life. 

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