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Career Readiness &
Job Placement

Military Spouse Jobs is here to help you overcome hiring obstacles and secure employment. 
Through Military Spouse Jobs, Military Spouses and Dependents, connect with specialized job placement, retention, and career progression support services based on individual career readiness needs.
Career Training & Credentialing Opportunities

We offer comprehensive career education and train-to-hire programs designed to help our candidates hone new work-skills, amplify their resumes to attract hiring managers, and advance their current careers. Our self-paced training services are industry-specfic and geared for direct job placement. Some of these courses include,  Live Job Readiness training, career development courses, and industry specific credentialing opportunities, to name a few.
Employer-Connect & Recruiter-Connect

Our Recruiter Connect Program connects directly to our Employer partners and their recruiters, who hire globally, and across all industries and experience 
levels.  We hold the largest database of job-ready and military-connected candidates in the world. Our Recruiter Connect Specialist provide high-touch services to employers and candidates alike, to make job placement success a reality.
Stacy Bayton, Executive Vice President for VetJobs and Military Spouse Jobs, will be joining a conversation with Joseph Koser on the future of work in technology, discussing ways to increase the number of veterans in the tech industry in the US. Join us for this no-cost discussion and collaboration event, where we'll cover leading practices for security and innovation initiatives, the application of key technologies such as AI, cloud, quantum, and cybersecurity, and strategies for tackling the talent gap through veteran leadership. We'll also explore veteran and community actions for talent and change and discuss how military leaders and community action can drive the needed outcomes in today's evolving geopolitical landscape.

When: Friday, Sept. 29, 2023, 8:30 AM to 3 PM (Continental breakfast and lunch provided)
Where: Austin Community College Collaboratorium, 1218 W Ave., Austin, TX

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Military Spouse Job Placement Success Stories

FEDERAL TAX ID:  20-2071552
VetJobs & Military Spouse Jobs signed a significant MOU with Hiring Our Heroes, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which aligns both organizations to provide wrap-around resume & job placement services of peer support and custom career assistance, at no-cost to all military-affiliated candidates, to last their career lifetime. Special thanks to Eric Eversole, President at HOH and Liz O'Brien, Executive Director at HOH for helping make today a reality.
Why is this partnership so significant and groundbreaking?
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Military Spouses come to us to learn how to maintain their lifetime earning power, as we help them grow into their professional life, while navigating their military life. 

Our 1-on-1 relationship with thousands of recruiters IS our success story.

VetJobs is the sister company to Military Spouse Jobs. VetJobs serves Military Members, Veterans, Guard and Reserves.
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