The History of Military Spouse Jobs

About the Military Spouse Jobs Family

Chapter 1:  Helping Military Spouses Thrive

The Military Spouse Jobs family had humble beginnings -- founded with $323, in military housing, at the outset of the Iraq War.  When Deb Kloeppel, a successful entrepreneur and senior executive at American Airlines, left her position to PCS overseas, she realized there was a need to better support the career aspirations of military spouses.  She saw women and men who were accomplished, highly trained and highly educated, but suddenly found themselves living someplace very far away — because of their devotion to family and country.  So, in 2004, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) was born.
Chapter 2:  1:1 Job Placement Support for Active Duty Military and Veterans 

MSCCN quickly grew to become the premiere job placement and career development facilitator for military spouses and family members.  It was so successful that it inspired Deb and her husband, Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel (U.S. Navy, ret.), to co-found CASY: Corporate America Supports You. Armed with a letter of need from the Army National Guard and startup money from DirectEmployers, CASY was chartered in 2010, with the mission of providing free employment readiness, vocational training and one-on-one job placement services for National Guard, Reserves, transitioning service members and veterans of all branches of service.  RADM Kloeppel — after a 36-year military career, plus 36 years as a commercial airline pilot — has gained a unique perspective on how to best support service members transitioning to the civilian workplace. 
Chapter 3:  Supporting Tens of Thousands, Joining Forces with VetJobs

From just under 500 job placements its first year, CASY quickly grew to become a powerhouse in helping military-affiliated job seekers connect to high paying, rewarding careers.  By 2019, CASY and MSCCN had surpassed their 57,000th verified hired.  It was at this point, with the financial help of Swift Transporation, that the opportunity emerged to acquire, the best-known, online military job board.  One immediate impact was the addition of thousands of new applicants, now receiving our one-on-one help.  With the addition of VetJobs, CASY and MSCCN had their most successful year ever in 2019, helping nearly 9,200 active duty service members, veterans, and military spouses connect to career opportunities.
To begin 2020, the VetJobs family welcomed — powered by MSCCN, now sitting alongside, replacing and provides the same unparalleled career placement and advancement services to military spouses, caregivers, and military family members that MSCCN has delivered for years, as these onboarding gateways all lead to our same IBM technology, DirectEmployers Jobs, and our one-on-one assistance.
These strategic additions paid off and 2020 was a banner year for the organizations, we not only surpassed more than 10,000 verified job placements in a single year we also crested 65,000 lifetime job placements in all making us the largest and most effective organization in the United States. 

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